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Grab Bag June 29th Trivia:


Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, built in 1599, burned down on this day in 1613, during a performance of Henry the Eighth. A theatrical cannon misfired and ignited the thatched roof, destroying the facility.

The Globe was a co-op of sorts, owned and built by actors who, along with Shakespeare, were members of a group called Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Over the years, Shakespeare’s ownership percentage dwindled to just 7%.

The exact location of the Globe was unknown until 1989, when small remnants of the foundation were discovered under a parking lot near the river Thames in London. A reconstruction of the original was built in 1997, and stands approximately 750 feet from the original site.

Grab Bag Food Pill for Thought:


In case you missed it earlier this year, here is 13 minutes of what might be something akin to a magic bullet, CBS’s 60 Minutes report on the research behind resveratrol:

Grab Bag Internet Deception Lesson:


If you want to see one of the best deceptive websites I have come across… (that I know of ….. this is a bit like trying to spot the best plastic surgery… you shouldn’t be ABLE to spot it) check out the link below. In doing my homework about the resveratrol story above, I happened upon this link, which appears to be the news channel 3 out of Sacramento (and there IS a news channel 3 in Sac, KCRA). When you open the page, look at the sidebar on the right side, and you will see the current AccuWeather Sacramento weather forecast. Looks good. And the embedded video of the same 60 minutes piece I have above is also legit.

But they had to go that inch too far, and the unbridled enthusiasm of this “reporter” in the body of her story made me suspicious. So I tried clicking on a heading for a different section of the news channel’s website, like Sports or Weather, and lo and behold, an ad for resveratrol pills comes up now matter what you click.

I clicked over to Whois.com, a site that will show you the registration information for any domain name, and this “Sacramento News 3” site is registered in the Cayman Islands. Uhmmm…. there must be a mistake here…

Phony News 3 Site

So, boys and girls, our lesson for today is:

A) Don’t believe the websites of bad, money-grubbing strangers,


B) It’s hard to tell who those bad strangers are.

Here someone has taken some legitimate research reporting and prostituted it for their own short-term gain. So…. buyer, and reader, beware.

Grab Bag Buzz Kill:

alcohol drink long-iland ice tea

On February 24, 2009, a study from England in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute was released that garnered a lot of attention. In case you missed it, or conveniently wiped it out of your memory bank, I will paraphrase it here.

The study definitively showed a link in women between EVEN MODERATE alcohol consumption and several types of cancer: breast, liver, rectum, mouth, pharynx, esophagus and larynx. Here’s the undeniable part: the study followed nearly 1.3 MILLION women, and it ran for seven years. Average alcoholic intake was ONE drink per day, and the type of alcohol did not affect the results.

There might be a small bright side… the study did show a decreased risk of thyroid, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and kidney cancer among those who drank, but the researchers noted that more specific testing would need to be conducted before concluding that the alcohol is what actually provided the protective effect in those instances.

LAST WORD: In an editorial commenting on the study, researchers at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in Maryland stated that while some studies suggest that moderate drinking may benefit heart health, “from the standpoint of cancer risk, the message of this report could not be clearer. There is no level of alcohol consumption that can be considered safe”.

To be honest, I think there is much more we know about heart disease, and the lifestyle changes we can make to ameliorate it, than we do about cancer and it’s causes. Therefore, I would chose to maximize my heart disease risk profile by methods of stress reduction, nutrition and exercise, and leave the red wine out of it.

Cheers 🙂

Grab Bag Nutrition Tip:


Red cabbage/red sauerkraut carries SIGNIFICANTLY (some say up to 28 times) more flavonoid levels of it’s green brethren, which makes it an antioxidant superstar, and is touted as weapon for lung and prostate cancers, as well as a boost for the brain. (In a study, people who never smoked and who ate cabbage once a week had lower rates of lung cancer than those who didn’t eat the cabbage…. the gas issue is another topic altogether 🙂 )

Grab Bag Brain Game:



Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

So this is how David Copperfield does it…..

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