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Grab Bag Shop Stop:

… I was hoping to get this post out this morning… but some still might need an idea or two…

It’s Father’s Day….. as in TODAY….and you forgot to get the man something. It’s not too late.

I thought up a few ideas I might do if I hadn’t already sent him an awesome DVD, but that’s me…. this year…. unlike many previous years…. when I did space out…… so here we go:

Canvas Prints

1. Find/take/print some frame-worthy photos, print the home page of any one of the Photo-to-Canvas sites, wrap them together in a box and inform him that he can choose which photo and what size and shape canvas he would like, and you will order it up for him… because, ya know, you wanted to make sure he got it JUST the way HE wanted it. ūüôā


2. Print up your own gift certificate for some shared experience to do together; dinner out, a round of golf, a trip to the Reagan library (which I hear is A-MAZ-ING and not to be missed… who knew?) or some other local-to-him destination, and wrap it up in a box.


3. Print the cover image of a book you will buy him (it’s been ordered, and is on it’s way, right?) and wrap it up in a box.


4. Tell him you are keeping your gift a surprise, because spontaneity is the spice of life. Let him know that you will be giving him 24 hours head notice in the near future, and that you will pick him up and take him to do something special. This buys you a few days to put some plan into action.


5. Organize a softball game for this afternoon with a few other families. This will grow over the years to an all-day tournament with 8 teams, 100+ players and over 200 attendees. You will not be expected to provide any other gifts. Trust me on this one. ūüôā

Grab Bag Pillow Talk:

Not as sexy as it sounds.

As a matter of fact, it’s something probably 99% of us don’t do (I know I haven’t ever done this ūüė≥…. but only because I didn’t really know I could). So I’m gonna try it.

IT is …. washing your pillows. Found this on a great blog called CleanMySpace.com.

Clean Your Pillows

Grab Bag Recipe Righteousness:

Feeling a bit guilty when you slog white flour, sugar and butter into a bowl? Here are a number of substitutions, along with where they work best:

Recipe Subs057251ac8

Grab Bag Business Brilliance:

I registered with a very cool website called Quora.com. Quora poses intriguing questions and members submit answers. All members can vote on which answers they like the best. Some of them get you thinking which, I assume, is the point.

For instance….. a recent question was:¬†

“What’s the shrewdest, smartest maneuver you’ve ever seen in business?”

One of the answers I include below. Most are a good read¬†(read ’em here). Many have something you can learn.

Back in the 1970s, liquid hand soap was sold by one guy: Robert Taylor, and his small company, Minnetonka.  It was his invention, and he knew he was on to something big. Test  audiences loved the product and, despite barely having enough resources  to do so, Minnetonka decided to go all in and make a push to take the product nationwide.
There was only one problem: Nothing he was selling could be patented.¬† The concept of liquid soap wasn’t new, and simple pumps had been around¬† since the dawn of civilization. As a result, Taylor knew several huge¬† soap manufacturers were ready to happily steal his idea the very moment¬† it looked like it could succeed on a large scale. Armed with superior¬† resources and the ability to quickly R&D an imitation product, the¬† industry giants were ready to crush tiny Minnetonka.
Taylor, however, was ready for this. Before any other company had the¬† chance, Taylor decided to go shopping one day and bought a few plastic¬† pumps. And by a few we mean FUCKING ALL OF THEM. There were only two¬† companies nationwide manufacturing those little pumps, and Taylor ponied¬† up $12 million — more than the total net worth of his company at the¬† time — and ordered¬†100 million of them,¬† effectively buying every single pump these two companies would be able¬† to manufacture for the next year or two.¬†


Anyway, without the part required to dispense the soap, there was¬† nothing the major companies could do but sit and watch Taylor slowly own the entire market. His product would become known as¬†SoftSoap.¬†Two years after his little stunt, Colgate-Palmolive¬† would be forced to just buy SoftSoap from Taylor … for $61 million.

Grab Bag Brain Game:

Put yourself through these short games and see “how old” your brain is:

BrainAge Games

Grab Bag Funny Father’s Day Stuff:

dad-children-favorite-fathers-day-ecards-someecards dad-thanks-struggling-fathers-day-ecard-someecards d7c4c01f4712d774e5115c067d69dff4a4 dad-6 family-business-dad-boss-job-fathers-day-ecards-someecards fathers-day-war-oil-spill-recession-economy happy-little-fathers-day-ecard-someecards dad-3 fact-obama-fathers-day-ecard-someecards fathers-day-soccer-football-world-cup-fifa

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