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Grab Bag “Even Adam Couldn’t Resist This One” Tip:

Yes, it is finally THE SEASON. And I’m not talking about Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars or Mad Men. No, THE SEASON is the roughly 6-8 week span between September and October when Honeycrisp apples are harvested and hit the markets. This apple was developed and patented by the University of Minnesota. If you’ve never had one, you’re in for an awakening.

Honey Crisp Apple

Much like a mutt rescued from the pound, Honeycrisp has a heck of a backstory:

David Bedford is the 30-year fruit breeder veteran at the University of Minnesota. David walks the rows and rows of apples each year there and has personally tasted over 2 million apples to find the winners. 99% of all test apple trees never get the nod.

When he arrived at U of M in 1979, the stock of Honeycrisp, then named merely MN1171, was marked for discard, as the test trees had been severely damaged by a rough winter. Though he had never tasted the fruit, Bedford decided to give the trees another lease on life, as he felt their poor location in the orchard and the severity of the winter should afford them a second chance. WOW. He changed apple history.

This apple has so many amazing qualities it’s hard to find a competitor. It is “explosively crunchy” without being too dense, and VERY juicy. I tend to slice up a cold one after dinner every night in the fall. I’ve also heard (and will try this year) that Honeycrisp can be kept successfully for 4-6 MONTHS in the fridge!!

At 80 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 20% of the RDA for vitamin C, what’s not to like? Just take one and call me in the morning. BUT….

organichoneyI IMPLORE you to seek out the organic version, as apples are the SECOND WORST FRUIT for retaining pesticides, right after peaches. They will set you back nearly $3 a pound (about $1 a piece) but, in my opinion, worth every penny. Crunch away, my friends.

Grab Bag “Grab Your Bag” Plea:

So… just got word that the City of Santa Barbara is gearing up their  new “Where’s Your Bag?” program. They aim to dramatically raise awareness about the need for people to BRING THEIR OWN REUSABLE BAGS when they shop.


I know I have mentioned this before, but many of my BEST FRIENDS still don’t carry their own bags (you know who you are). It’s truly just a habit, and one that we ALL need to develop, NOW. So here’s how it works:



6 little stuff sacks, waiting for a job, taking up very little space. (Notice they’re in my PURSE, not in my car… too easy to forget them there… except for you guys… you keep ’em in there, and you REMEMBER them.)

Your day involves a trip to the drugstore, the market, the book store, pick up a few things for the family, and here you have it:


CONGRATULATIONS! You have just stopped the manufacture, transportation, and disposal of 6 bags.


EACH YEAR every one of us who does not do this is responsible for approximately 500 BAGS A YEAR – and some of you WAY more than that …. again, you know who you are 🙂


And here’s where they end up:


So don’t be that ne’er-do-well I glare at in line… we all have to do our part 🙂

My favorite are ChicoBags, due to their light weight, compact size, capacity and launderability.

Click here to order, or find them at Whole Foods, Lazy Acres, and other healthy retailers.

Grab Bag Drug Ditch Tip:


They slowly collect in the back of your bathroom cupboards and medicine cabinets. Years go by, and you continue to neglect them. Finally, you are possessed by Martha Stewart you start culling cupboard soldiers like a Marine sergeant. But what to do with those expired over-the-counter and prescription drugs?

Throw them in the garbage?? Flush ’em down the crapper?? NO.

Even though some labels may suggest the latter, a FAR better solution is to call ALL the pharmacies in your area  until you find one that will accept drugs for disposal. They may refer you to your city’s Haz Mat disposal. Click on the image below to read the info for Santa Barbara:

Picture 3

If all else fails, read the government issued guidelines for disposal here:

Picture 2

Grab Bag Brain Game:



Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

First, why it can be SO exasperating taking men on vacation:






Second, if pets could talk:







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