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Grab Bag Bottled Water Message:

Thanks to Pat M. for sending this along… we really need to get a handle on this bottled water habit…. here’s the facts:

Grab Bag Vitamin D Update:

If you’re not having your Vitamin D levels checked (and probably supplementing at this point), you’re behind the 8 ball. My husband just had his annual cardiology check up and, for the first time, the doc ordered Vitamin D levels to be added to the blood panels. The word “pandemic” (see video link below) has been tied to the concern of vitamin D deficiency for us all.


If you need another reason to pay attention to your vitamin D levels…

University of Michigan School of Public Health reviewed data on over 550 women from records starting in 1992. Those that were running low on D back then were approximately THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE 15 years later. Get your vitamin D tested and, if low, supplement with 1,000 to 5,000 IUs per day. A rich resource of Vitamin D information can be found HERE. And I would encourage you to watch THIS VIDEO of “The Vitamin D Pandemic and Its Health Consequences”, an informative and entertaining lecture delivered by Michael Holick, PhD, MD, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics and director of the General Clinical Research Center at Boston University Medical Center.

Grab Bag Nutrition Shocker:

Published in the September, 2009 edition of Journal of Internal Medicine:

Researchers followed 1,169 non-diabetic patients who had been admitted with a confirmed first heart attack. Participants were asked about their chocolate consumption in the 12 months prior to admission, and were followed for the next 8 years. Bottom line: THOSE THAT ATE CHOCOLATE TWICE OR MORE PER WEEK HAD A 66% LOWER RISK OF DEATH FROM HEART DISEASE.

Good God…. force it down my throat already 🙂


Grab Bag Credit Crunch:

When you cut up a credit card, make sure you do it the right way:

Grab Bag Stressed for Success:

Stress is emerging as a real All Star player in the health poker game. Most of us don’t even realize how much stress we actually deal with. RealAge.com offers not only a thorough inventory of stress assessment, but detailed action plans to help keep the stresses at bay. Click on the pic below and begin to put stress in its place.

Stress Test

Grab Bag Brain Game:

The old leather dice cup just some competition:


Picture 1

Grab Bag Sweet Stuff:

Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

Thanks to sis Tally D. for this. Be sure to read the Memo on the Verizon check.











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