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Tuesday September 9, 2008

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Tuesday Trivia A: What letter of the alphabet does NOT appear in any U.S. state name?

Tuesday Trivia B: What is unique among state’s names about Maine?

Tuesday Help Tip: Have books, DVDs, kids’ video games you no longer want? Hit Swaptree and exchange with others for titles you DO want… for free 🙂

Tuesday Thought: The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

Tuesday Health Tip: OK… found a great resource. One can spend HOURS on this one…

Sunblock, as we all (hopefully) know, is a must… and, on a daily basis need for us in California, at least. A debate rages regarding the potential harm or lack thereof caused by chemicals in sunscreen. There is enough of a debate, and enough good physical sunblock options, to start steering me away from the chemical options.

But who can decipher all the ingredients while casually camping in the aisle of your local drugstore? No need. Here is a FANTASTIC website that explains the potential dangers of the various chemicals in sunscreens and all sorts of other cosmetics. NOTE: There are possible –although much more minor – dangers with some forms of physical blocks, too, such as sprays and powders being inhaled. They rate HUNDREDS of brands of sun blocks so you can see where yours fares and what might be a better option for your health.

Next week I will share some of the best rated sunscreens I have tried… which may save you some time and money.

The link below will take you right to the ratings page, but this comprehensive site is really worth exploring.

Cosmetics Database

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