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Grab Bag Future Fixation:

“Minority Report”, here we come:


Thalmic Labs has developed an armband to be released later this year that will allow us to play the Tom Cruise part to control our own electronics…


This could be the start of a whole new world in computing, gaming… who knows what else. The mind boggles…. watch this video:

Gesture Control Thalmic Labs

Grab Bag Cone of Shame Be Gone!:

If you have a dog for long enough, you will likely run into the need for one of these devices, which stop the poor critters from licking wounds and such …

This first customer looks far too happy about his situation:


Definitely a commercial photo shoot.

Most dogs with these contraptions, mine included, look more like this:

cone-of-shame dog-cone-of-shame dekster_wounded__day_3 Vizsla-in-Cone images

Of course, you could always have fun with these things….


… but that gets old after the picture is taken.

So imagine my chagrin when one of our beloved labs had to have a large tumor (probably malignant, but very contained, prognosis is good, we hope) and a smaller lipoma excised from two spots on his belly. One big incision, one small, lots of stitches, and a cone around his neck were his parting gifts from the vet. 😦

Cut to …..a guy in the pet store turned us on to a “cone for the new age”:


Not only is this more comfortable, but Fido won’t crash loudly into furniture, he can drink and eat with no problem, and when he lies down it gives him a little pillow! Brilliant!!

Here’s our good dog, Harley, modeling his new “cone”:


I bought the 21st Century brand, but there are others out there as well.

If you are a dog owner, you might consider either buying one from now, or at the very least I would look for them at your local pet store, so when you need one you know where to go.

Grab Bag Chemical Revamp:


Fire retardant chemicals, required by (California, primarily) law used on children’s clothing, upholstery, mattresses and more has been a very hot topic (pun intended).

These chemicals can now be found in the bloodstreams of everyone… yes… you and me. There is a growing opinion that these chemicals may be harmful to our health, and there is a strong debate brewing over their use.

Personally, I take the position these and other chemicals are guilty until proven innocent, and the dangers they are designed to mitigate are overshadowed by the potential harm they can elicit, if only based on sheer numbers affected.

This report below is a prelude to hopefully sweeping changes in California’s fire retardant chemical stipulations. Let us hope that this will bring amount meaningful changes to this serious source of chemical burden to which we are all exposed:

Sacramento, Calif. (Feb 8, 2013)– California Governor Jerry Brown today proposed to end the widespread use of highly toxic fire retardant chemicals in foam furniture sold in the state.

“The new rules, when enacted, will ensure that furniture doesn’t pose unintended health risks,” said Bill Allayaud, director of government affairs for the California office of Environmental Working Group. “California’s current fire safety rule does not protect us against fire dangers but contaminates our bodies and those of our children with chemicals linked to cancer and other serious dangers to health.”

Brown’s move is expected to have an impact nationwide because California, with 10 percent of the U.S. population, exercises so much purchasing power that most American furniture makers fabricate their products to comply with California flammability standards.

“This decision is a public health victory for all Americans,” said Sonya Lunder, EWG senior research analyst.

Last year, in a directive to overhaul the state’s fire safety law, Brown cited a groundbreaking EWG study, conducted in 2008, which found that children’s blood contained concentrations of fire retardants three times higher than their mothers’ blood. The reason: children who play on the floor come into contact with fire retardant chemicals shed from treated foam furniture.

EWG has been investigating the toxicity of fire retardants in furniture since 2003. That year, EWG’s tests found toxic fire retardants called PBDEs in the breast milk of 20 American mothers, with an average concentration 75 times higher than the average PBDE level in European mothers. This dramatic distinction was attributed to California’s inflexible fire safety rules. The California legislature banned PBDEs, and several other states enacted their own restrictions. Eventually, PBDEs were phased out across the U.S.

Recently, tests by scientists and consumer advocates found that California fire safety rules had triggered the widespread use of chemical fire retardants in couches, car seats, changing table pads and other baby products, both in California and the rest of the country. Chlorinated tris has been substituted for PBDEs in many cases, even though California regulators have formally listed this chemical as a carcinogen. Firemaster 550, another replacement for PBDEs, is suspected of disrupting the hormone system.

The new regulations proposed by Brown will allow manufacturers to use safer technologies like fire-resistant fabrics in place of chemically-treated foam. Baby products will no longer be required to contain fire retardants, since their small size makes it unlikely that they could cause a serious house fire.

Extracted from EWG.org

Grab Bag Tool Time:

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to talk to you today about my favorite all-around power tool,

The Dremel Multi Max

WAIT!!!…. girls…. don’t leave…



I’m pretty sure Ryan uses a Multi Max.

So, now that our interest levels are all back on the same page, let me continue.

I don’t build houses for a living. But I do appreciate being able to do little things myself. I asked for and received my Multi Max for Christmas a few years ago. At the time I thought I would use it for a few craft projects I had in mind. Little did I know I would turn to this Renaissance tool for a host of tasks that I would have never thought I could accomplish otherwise.

I guess what I am saying is you don’t know what you’ll use it for until you have one and you realize what it can do. So get one, and uses will begin to appear.


9291 dremel_multimax20_threshold._V166721290_ hqdefault dremel_multimax20_stair._V166721288_ DremelCordlessMulti-Max_HeavyDutyGroutRemoval DremelCordlessMulti-Max_SandingCabinetDoor hqdefault-1 dremelprojects sanding-dremel-multi-max-oscillating

And remember… (and this is what I kept repeating when I taught myself to cut my own hair)… it’s not brain surgery, so most tasks really aren’t that complicated… especially when you can usually get tips, videos and instructions for almost any task online.

Here are a few of my tasks:

  • Teak outdoor furniture arm rests were a bit rough… put on the sanding head.
  • Walking sticks to long…. put on the wood saw blade and cut them down to size.
  • Two tiles cracked and needed replacing… used the cutting blade for the grout and the lifting blade to remove.
  • Small piece of wood trim needed replacing… wood saw blade cut new piece to correct length.
  • Wanted to shorten some makeup brushes for my travel case… a few seconds with the wood saw blade and DONE!

Check out this Multi Max report from The Review Broads… I’m not the only X chromosome lovin’ this thing 🙂

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