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Grab Bag Shirt-For-A-Cause:

Sevenly is a great company based on a great concept. They pick a worthy cause each week, offer really great t-shirt designs for sale, and $7 of every shirt purchase goes to the charity.

Designs for past campaigns can be seen on the site, along with how much moola they raised for each cause.

This week’s charity is Angel Faces, benefiting teen burn victims in the quest to restore healthy self esteem. I just bought a cool dark gray dolman tee with the “Give Your Life Away” graphic:


Other graphics this week:

Sevenly Artwork


Like the idea, like the execution, like the result.

Instead of GIVING the shirt OFF your back, here’s to GETTING the shirt ON your back, and benefiting great causes in the process:



Grab Bag Betterment Boost:

So hopefully you’ve helped others at Sevenly, and now let’s focus on YOU.

I don’t know about you, but I have some personal goals that tend to be a bit elusive…. like getting into the habit of meditating… even just a little. Or sleeping better…. ya, that would be good.

Most people have at least a few personal goals that they need help with; eat less, exercise more, drink more water, keep a journal, recognize gratitude…. and the list goes on.

Fig App

Fig is a new (FREE) app for your iPhone/Android that let’s you create goals in the areas you want to improve your habits, and then provides end-of-the-day reminders, nudges and reportable records to help you reach those goals.

And to capitalize on our tribal instincts, Fig allows you to connect and share your goals, if you so choose, with the family and friends of your choice... and they with you. Supporting each other in pursuit of our goals is a very good thing.

Fig Screens

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.52.01 PM

Mashable says this:

Only you know what your body, mind and spirit needs. So, you can choose to wake up 15 minutes early this week to make breakfast, watch the sunset, skip fried foods, drink less coffee or take a few breaks at work. Once you’ve completed your wellness goal, hit the “+” sign next to the task, and feel like a million bucks.

Here is Fig’s mission statement:

Our mission

We aspire to redefine wellness and make it reachable for most Americans.

Advertisers try to convince us that we’re not thin or muscular enough. They appeal to our insecurities to sell us stuff. But deep down, most of us realize that wellness isn’t superficial (a size zero dress or bulging biceps). Wellness is a journey of holistic transformation and our capacity for fulfilling our life missions.

We started Fig to lower barriers (time, complexity, etc.) to wellness and make it easier for loved ones to encourage one another forward. Our team is laboring to create a future where most Americans achieve radically higher wellness – a future where we experience more richness in our most important relationships, more physical vitality, much less disease, and more spiritual and emotional fulfillment.

Our team at Fig is just getting started. We hope you’ll join us. Together, let’s enhance human flourishing.

I downloaded it (click any of the pictures above to do the same), have created some simple categories, and I have received end-of-the-day reminders that I still have time to accomplish some of my goals. I do wish there was a setting to prompt the app to push reminders to me throughout the day, but it’s still a good system.

I like what what it’s doing for me already. Hope you do, too.

Here’s to a better, happier, healthier us.

Grab Bag Wowzer Bowzer:

From People.com, this incredible story of



Cats, not dogs, are supposed to have nine lives. Obviously Dosha never got the memo. On April 15 the Clearlake, Calif., pit bull mix was hit by a pickup truck, shot by a police officer to put her out of her misery and placed in the local animal-control center’s freezer, awaiting disposal. But two hours later a worker opened the freezer door by chance and “found Dosha sitting up,” says Denise Johnson, Lake County’s Animal Control director. “She was alive.”

Dosha’s harrowing ordeal began that morning, when owner Louetta Mallard, 40, let the 10-month-old out in the front yard; Dosha jumped a 4-ft. cyclone fence and was hit by a pickup truck. “She wasn’t moving and was glassy-eyed,” says neighbor Rolf Biegiela, who arrived after the accident. “I said to myself, ‘That’s a dead dog.’ ” A Clearlake police officer arrived on the scene and shot the collarless Dosha in the head. Then a public works employee transported her to the animal-control center. “It’s amazing what things animals can stand,” says veterinarian Debra Sally, who treated Dosha, after she was found alive in the freezer, for hypothermia and removed the bullet, which had traveled along Dosha’s skull—barely missing her brain—and settled in the skin under her jaw.

Now recovering at the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic, Dosha is in high spirits, vigorously licking visitors’ hands. She has some hearing loss in her right ear but will be allowed to move back in with Mallard as soon as the owner erects a taller fence and buys a harness that will stop Dosha from jumping. “That dog had everything go wrong, but someone was looking out for her,” says Johnson. “This was her lucky day.”

Grab Bag Doggie Diabetes Beater:

This perked my attention. If this pans out in a larger study, this could have implications for Type 1 Diabetes cures for humans, one would hope. Check out the opening of this article from ScienceDaily.com:


Type 1 Diabetes Cured in Dogs, Study Suggests

Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), led by Fàtima Bosch, have shown for the first time that it is possible to cure diabetes in large animals with a single session of gene therapy. As published this week in Diabetes, the principal journal for research on the disease, after a single gene therapy session, the dogs recover their health and no longer show symptoms of the disease. In some cases, monitoring continued for over four years, with no recurrence of symptoms.

Read the rest of the article here.

Grab Bag Just Because:

Just because I covet these three animals today….




Grab Bag Brain Game:

Drag the letters from the bottom of the screen and correctly place them to complete the words above, as fast as you can. Kind of addicting!


Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 3.13.30 PM

Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

Men we all know and the women they could be….


Photo credit: Worth1000.com

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