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Grab Bag Checklist:

It is always preferable to get most of  our dietary needs from the foods we eat. To keep us closer to that ideal, check out this online tool which gives the top sources for each of the selected elements. Here’s a shocker…. doughnuts appeared on NONE of the lists… go figure. 🙂


Grab Bag “Oh, Shit” Moment:

I’m not loving this news. More research will certainly follow, but this study is sizable. Bottom line of this research is: daily use of high-dose vitamin C supplements may increase the risk of cataracts. This study of 25,593 women over 8 years showed a 25% increase in cataract removals among those taking vitamin C supplementation (approximately 1,000 mg per day) compared to those who did not.  A smaller, but non-significant increase was seen among those taking a multivitamin.  Women taking vitamin C supplements for at least 10 years prior to the study had even higher increases in cataract removals (46% increase), as did those on hormone replacement therapy or corticosteroids.

Note from LK: I have posed a question regarding this issue to Dr. Andrew Weil’s website to see if they wish to weigh in on a recommendation on this. I will be posting any further input I can find in the wake of this study. I take a multivitamin which contains 1200mg of C, but I have also been taking 500mg of additional C. For now, I will continue my multi, but I am questioning the 1200mg total now as well. And I will discontinue my additional C, as 25,000 Swedish women are tough to argue with for now. All you men out there probably would find it tough to argue with just these four Swedes.

Grab Bag Rock and Roll Site:

The USGS maintains THIS WONDERFUL EARTHQUAKE SITE, providing realtime maps of various areas showing earthquake activity for the last hour, day and week. And check out the hazard maps, which show the likelihood of a shaker in the next 24 hours in your area. The shot above shows predictions for tonight in California… looks like all’s quiet on the western front.

The only thing left to answer is: Do you want to know? Of course you do. Why? because you’re probably not ready… but we can fix that with…..

Grab Bag Readiness Tips:

OK… if you don’t have an emergency prep kit, let’s make it a goal in the next 45 days to get this done.

STEP 1: click HERE to get a printable list of suggested items you need to have in place

STEP 2: Do it 🙂

Grab Bag Surrealist Peek:

Photomagician Erik Johansson puts together some stunning images. To see the images full screen, click the “full” button at the bottom of the image viewer window. Thanks to Pat M. for sending these along.

Grab Bag Brain Game:

No rules… you figure each puzzle out on your own.


Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

When I decorate for the holidays, my pooches just sit there and look at me, wondering if the things I am unwrapping are edible. These pups could teach mine a thing or two. Thanks to Susi G. for sending this along…

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