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Grab Bag Lab Results:

I’ve just spent 6 full days exploring the depths of the human form with 35 tremendously talented people (some dead, most living), and I am happy to report that we have all (and that includes you, yes, YOU) been given a “miracle vehicle” at birth.

Lucky us!!

Few, if any, will exhaust its capabilities or fully understand its miraculous wisdom.

But we can try. And if I learned anything from these explorations it is this…..

The human body can be isolated, separated, identified, dissected and examined in its static form. As soon as it moves, breathes, metabolizes… LIVES… it must shift into a synergistic form that is far more than a sum of its parts… and that’s saying something, because the parts are frickin’ AMAZING. The body’s dynamic, “in vivo” form is much more of a personal network, reliant on it’s interconnectedness rather than just its parts.

So what good is all this for you? Well, I would offer this… that everything we do to and for our bodies…. both helpful and harmful… affects the entire form in some way. The “knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone”…. and a whole lot more. Knee bone’s actually connected to our shoulder, our kidney, our stomach… you name it.

See all that white stuff? That’s fascia. It’s everywhere… over and under and around and through all the parts and pieces you own. Muscles, skin, fat, organs, veins, bone, nerves… it covers everything. It is the internet of our bodies. So to understand the global nature of our not-so-humble being is to make choices with that fact in mind.

To assume we can medicate only, for example, our stomach -and all other parts are somehow shielded– is naive. Or, to think we are stretching our muscles… and only our muscles… is thankfully inaccurate (study now shows that those who stretch for 10 minutes every morning have 30% less stiffness in their arteries than those who don’t).

So here’s a toast to “corpus miraculous“… may we honor its untold secrets and endeavor to become knowledgeable and compassionate guides, making choices that optimize this fantastic machinery.

Musings from the Anatomy Lab, over and out.

Grab Bag Butt Booster:

Got treadmill? Click on the title of the image below for a treadmill workout that will boost your heart rate and your backside, all in one. Click it. Print it. Do it.

20 Minute Glute Sculpt

Grab Bag Planning Portal:

I haven’t tried this, but it seems to be a great idea. Here’s the low down:

Go to FoodOnTheTable.com and you will:

1. Choose your grocery store(s)

2. Choose the foods you enjoy

3. Choose the way you like to eat (low-carb,  gluten-free, Mexican, etc.)

Food On The Table then builds suggestions of recipes, all the while scanning your local circulars for coupons and sales available at your grocery store, and making a point to use those items as it works. You pick the recipes you like (you can add your own favorites as well) and the site generates a shopping list for you, complete with the savings you’ll realize with the sales it finds.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty great to me. Cost is free for the Basic service. That helps you to plan and shop for 3 meals a week, and add 3 of your own recipes into the mix. A Premium subscription helps for up to 7 meals a week and unlimited number of your own recipe additions.

If you buy a Premium year’s subscription it’s about $5.85 a month, or go month-to-month for just under $10.00 a month. This short video explains it better than I can:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Grab Bag Cool Stuff:

You got the music in you….Make a happy little tune all your own by clicking on various boxes here.

Grab Bag Brain Game:

No instructions… just figure it out… that’s what logic puzzles are 🙂 You just need to figure out what the logic is.

If you get too frazzled with any level, you can click on the Solution/Walkthrough button to see how to solve.

And…. mute the sound on your computer…. the music is really annoying.

Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

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