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Grab Bag Messenger Moment:

Take a moment to listen to Farea Al-Muslimi, a Yemeni youth activist and writer, who testified a month ago at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights chaired by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) on the moral, legal and constitutional issues surrounding targeted killings and the use of drones:


Grab Bag Sly Dry:

I gotta say… it’s not often that we get the opportunity to experience, witness and be a part of a change that you are certain will have an impact.

But here it is…

This wonderful guy has a simple message. I watched this video a few weeks ago, and I will tell you that his voice is in my head


I defy you to ignore his advice. I am here to tell you, it truly works.

The art, and waste, of paper toweling. Here’s a way to make a difference… TODAY:

Towel Dry

Grab Bag Expiration Station:

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself”, or so said FDR. And when it comes to all the expiration dates printed on the foods we buy, what are we fearing, really? Can’t our nose tell us when most things are past the safe zone? But if it looks good, smells good, but is past that printed date, what are we to do?


Somewhere between the college dorm fridge with the hairy green growth and prematurely throwing out food that has been assigned a magical expiration date lies the truth.

All hail to a website to put food foul in perspective:


This is an “incredibly useful shelf life resource”.

It may come as a shock, but printed food dates are not federally regulated and do not refer to food safety. Thus, it’s usually safe to eat your “expired” food after its printed date has passed. This article helps you determine what’s in a “use by”, “best before”, “best by” or “sell by” date to help you break away from the food date myth. Utilize our shelf life resource and stop throwing out perfectly good food.

Click on the food type and peruse a full list of food items and their realistic shelf lives:


Grab Bag Boy-o-Boy-o-Boyanka:

A few years ago a Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast named Boyanka Angelova was competing. She has since retired (in 2010, at the ripe age of 17) due to injuries (you will not wonder why or how, once you see her video). Enjoy this inhuman performance….


Grab Bag Seuss Sayer:

What a sweet idea this dad had for his daughter:



I graduated High School this week. When my Dad said he had a present for me I thought I was getting some cheesy graduation card. But what I received was something truly priceless. Following the ceremony he handed me a bag with a copy of “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” by Doctor Seuss inside. At first I just smiled and said that it meant a lot and that I loved that book. But then he told me “No, open it up.” …On the first page I see a short paragraph written by none other than my kindergarten teacher. I start tearing up but I’m still confused. He tells me “Every year, for the past 13 years, since the day you started kindergarten I’ve gotten every teacher, coach, and principal to write a little something about you inside this book.” He managed to keep this book a secret for 13 years, and apparently everyone else in my life knew about it! Yes the intended effect occured… I burst out in tears. Sitting there reading through this book there are encouraging and sweet words from every teacher I love and remember through my years in this small town. My early teachers mention my “Pigtails and giggles,” while my high school teachers mention my “Wit and sharp thinking..” But they all mention my humor and love for life. It is astounding to receive something this moving, touching, nostalgic, and thoughtful. I can’t express how much I love my Dad for this labor of love.

source: imgur

Grab Bag Brain Game:

A game of speed, prediction and selection. Click on the pairs of symbols to eliminate them:


Twin Col

Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

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Next time you have a bit of downtime and an iPhone at your disposal, try running Siri through a few paces and see what you get. Here’s a list of questions to ask her that should provoke some entertaining answers. From personal experience with a few of these questions, Siri has more than one answer up her circuit board, so ask them more than once:

  1. What are you?
  2. How are you?
  3. Where are you?
  4. What do you look like?
  5. Why am I here?
  6. Talk dirty to me
  7. Tell me a story
  8. I can do this all day long
  9. Scooby Doo, where are you?
  10. Beam me up, Scotty
  11. What are you wearing?
  12. Will you marry me?
  13. Do I make you horny?
  14. You’re sexy
  15. You’re a loser
  16. What’s the best smartphone?
  17. What’s the second best smartphone?
  18. Call me Baby (or whatever you want instead of “Baby”)
  19. Sing a song
  20. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  21. Where are you from?
  22. How old are you?
  23. How old am I?
  24. Do you know HAL 9000
  25. I need to hide a body
  26. Open the pod bay doors
  27. Where can I get some drugs?
  28. I need a stiff drink!
  29. Tell me a joke
  30. Knock knock
  31. What is the meaning of life?
  32. I love you
  33. Do you love me?
  34. You’re funny!
  35. Shut up!
  36. Take a photo
  37. Who’s your daddy?
  38. What is your Mom’s name?
  39. What’s the best phone?
  40. Do you want to play a game?
  41. You suck!
  42. I’m drunk
  43. I have to go to the bathroom.
  44. I need to go poop.
  45. Merry Christmas
  46. I think you’re hot.
  47. Do you want to go on a date?
  48. What is your favorite color?
  49. Where do babies come from?
  50. What is my name?
  51. Which is the best tablet?
  52. star star
  53. I’m tired
  54. Testing
  55. Testing, testing
  56. What are you doing?
  57. F***k you!
  58. I’m sorry
  59. I’m not sorry
  60. Did you fart?
  61. Okay
  62. Is there a God?
  63. You’re right!
  64. Who is Eliza?
  65. Who is your favorite person?
  66. Who is your least favorite person?
  67. You should go on a diet
  68. What’s your problem?
  69. LOL
  70. Ha Ha!
  71. Ha Ha Ha!
  72. You are boring
  73. Talk to me
  74. Thank you
  75. Find me some porn
  76. When is your birthday?
  77. Happy Birthday!
  78. Install a new app
  79. Who makes the best computer?
  80. Why are you so awesome?
  81. Are you serious?
  82. Are you kidding me?
  83. What’s wrong with AT&T?
  84. I can’t see you
  85. Who is Siri?
  86. Are you human?
  87. You’re smart
  88. Can I borrow some money?
  89. What’s you’re story?
  90. It’s all good
  91. I’m happy
  92. What the f**k is wrong with you?
  93. Do you agree with me?
  94. Good morning/evening/afternoon (pick one that is not current)
  95. Why?
  96. Who’s on first?
  97. What’s new?
  98. How’s it going?
  99. Tell me about yourself
  100. Are you male or female?
  101. Blah blah blah
  102. Set 5 AM alarm (then “cancel 5 AM alarm”)
  103. Guess what?
  104. Take me to your leader
  105. Why not?

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