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Grab Bag Kid Rocks:

19 year-old Taylor Wilson just may change our world…..

Taylor Wilson

Sorry for the 30 second ad… couldn’t find a way around it… but this is worth the wait

Many thanks to Barbara S. (Mom!) for sending this in

Grab Bag Plumber Hacks:

Wait…. don’t go… listen. These are some great tips from a great site called FamilyHandyman.com. You just might not need to call a plumber, or you might be able to fix things that have been bugging you forever…. like the sink sprayer thingy….

Grab Bag Battery Bar:

A very simple way to test any alkaline battery to see if it’s still good:

Battery Check

Thanks to Pat M. for sending this to me.

Grab Bag Acne Smack:


A friend recently asked if I might do a post on acne treatments for a family member of hers who was struggling with finding remedies that worked. 

Acne is often a combination of triggers all converging at the wrong moment, so it is best to keep in mind that one remedy may not resolve the issues. But if one remedy is found to be helpful, then trying to individually and systematically add additional remedies would be best to discover what the right mix might be.

I won’t offer here all the possibilities that would be available through a dermatologist’s office, or what you can see advertised online or available in drugstores. 

What I will offer is a few suggestions that:

1) Make sense

2) Are easy and relatively inexpensive to try

3) carry virtually no risk of side effects, with the potential for improvement (risk-to-reward ratio is good).

These first tips are the toughest…. they are dietary.

None of those are easy by any means, but MANY acne-prone people have done those and swear by them.

To me, this is no different than someone who is overweight and longs to lose the extra pounds. It’s not about if you wish the weight or the acne was gone – I think 100% of people who suffer because of acne or excess weight have that desire. What it’s really about is how motivated you truly are to make the needed changes. 

No one wants to change the way they eat. And patience is required, because one day of dietary sacrifice does not a remedy make! Do some research as to how long you might give these before judging if they are working or not:

1. Remove dairy … this seems to be the number one dietary criminal in the minds of the acne-laden.

In fact, a 2010 paper in Clinics in Dermatology makes it clear that you could use all the best pimple-clearing products available (and the worst ones like Accutane) and still not keep breakouts at bay—unless you dispense with dairy.Well+Good

2. Remove sugar… a very close second to the dairy.

3. Remove wheat… a very close third.

On to external things:

1. When I ran across this tip it just resonated with good sense:

Change your pillow case EVERY DAY.

Acne-prone skin is very susceptible to all irritants, and rubbing your face back and forth on a pillowcase that has oils, skin cells, bacteria and dirt from previous nights is asking for trouble. 

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Some dab it on their skin with a cotton ball. Some dilute it and splash it on as a toner. Some make a dilution of 1:7 parts ACV to warm water and a little honey and drink it. It might work for you, as it has for many. It also MAY MAKE YOUR ACNE WORSE, as it has for many. Fair warning.

3. Castor Oil. Massage in at night, wash off in the morning. Some mix 50% castor oil with 50% olive oil. If you don’t like the smell, put a tiny drop of peppermint or spearmint essential oil in the mix.

4. Milk of Magnesia (!) Some say paint it on at night with a paint brush, wash off in the morning, others also add a thin layer (thin enough so it is not crusty white) in the morning to leave on all day.

Sites to check:



Grab Bag Say Cheese:

I guess if you’re convinced you have a “best angle” in photos, you pretty much stick to it?

sZZOpZd WobveNs TohIi3b sCm5kne

Grab Bag Legacy Left:

Every house has a story to tell. So why not leave yours behind for some future resident to enjoy? Summarize your highlights (in tiny font to squeeze most of it in!) and print it on a label, and fix to the back of a light switch cover plate.


Light Switch Time Capsuule

Credit: Sean Michael Ragan for Makezine.com

Grab Bag Brain Game:

Similar to a couple of weeks ago… here are two versions of the same image, with the pieces merely reassembled. 

Observe the triangle on the bottom. It consists of 4 coloured pieces, and a missing square. In the image on top, the same colored pieces have just been shifted to a new location. Three pieces move to another place, the overall shape seems the same, but the square is no longer missing. How did this occur?

triangle puzzle

Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

It’s Back-to-School time, so here’s a little college humor…

college-life-13 college-life bad-student what-bored-russians-do college-essentials



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