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Grab Bag Breast Video Ever:

Now HERE is a community service message we can all pay close attention to… really…. try to ACTUALLY LISTEN to what these guys have to say:

Breast Video Ever

Many thanks to Carolyn M. for sending this to me

Grab Bag Teach Dream:

12 minutes of absolutely inspiring teaching by a model human being:

Many thanks to Jo Ann N. for sharing this with me

Grab Bag Rollin’ With The Homies:

Lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Slim Paley (her blog is permanently linked under “Favorite Blogs” on the right side of this page) is in the running for Apartment Therapy’s Best Home Design & Inspiration Blog.

If you haven’t seen Slim Paley, enjoy! Gorgeous, inspirational, eye opening, globe trotting… this site has it all. From fashion to home design to REALLY DECADENT things to eat, Slim hits the fashionable nail on the head every time. Click on the AMAZING roses below to enter Slim’s world:


To vote, please go here, register in 2 seconds (Apartment Therapy is a GREAT site, by the way) and vote for Slim in this first round… top vote getters move on to the finals. Go, Slim, go!

Grab Bag Stem Cell Youth:

Gotta love the brains at UC Berkeley! Go Bears!


A new study led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, represents a major advance in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind aging while providing new hope for the development of targeted treatments for age-related degenerative diseases…..

….Researchers were able to turn back the molecular clock by infusing the blood stem cells of old mice with a longevity gene and rejuvenating the aged stem cells’ regenerative potential. The findings were published online on Jan. 31, in the journal Cell Reports…..

….over the past 10 to 20 years, there have been breakthroughs in scientists’ understanding of aging. Instead of an uncontrolled, random process, aging is now considered highly regulated as development, opening it up to possible manipulation.

Read the whole Science Daily article here.

Grab Bag Fitness Myth Busters:

From Zen to Fitness, a great fitness blog, comes Sargeant Michael Volkin‘s myth busters:

Busted! 5 Fitness and Health Tips That May Make You Cry

1- Myth: The more ab exercises I do, the skinnier my waist will be.


BUSTED: Doing stomach exercises can strengthen your abdominal muscles, but it won’t burn body fat to give you that 6-pack you’re after.  If you want your ab muscles to show, you need to either be naturally skinny or embrace a diet low in carbohydrates and high in proteins with a decent helping of healthy fats and fruits and vegetables.

2- Myth:My diet includes diet soda, it’s zero calories so it has to be good for me. 


BUSTED: According to a recent University of Texas study, drinking just two or more cans a day accelerated waistline expansion by 500%. The artificial sweeteners disrupt the body’s ability to regulate calorie intake. In other words, your body is being tricked into thinking it’s ingesting sugar, so you crave more food and as a result, eat more food than you would have without drinking the soda.

3- Myth:By working out, I can convert fat into muscle.


BUSTED: You cannot convert fat into muscle as they are completely different.  In fact, when working out it is best to focus on either losing fat or gaining muscle.   In order to gain muscle, you have to eat more calories than you burn and, in order to lose body fat, you must burn more calories than you consume.

4- Myth:Cardio is more important for fat loss than weight lifting.


BUSTED: You will definitely burn calories completing a cardio workout, but to lose weight your primary concern should be muscle loss.  Muscles make it easier for your body to prevent fat gain.  Your body will burn more calories maintaining muscle than maintaining fat. In other words, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will burn each day.  The less muscle you have the lower your metabolism.  A great weight loss program should focus on (in this order) your caloric intake, weight training and then cardio.

 5- Myth:Stretching before a workout prevents injury and increased my performance.


BUSTED: I know, you grew up stretching before a workout or sporting event because your coach or parents told you it was beneficial.  You were probably told that stretching prevents injury, when in fact, the opposite is true.  Recent studies show that stretching before a workout will weaken the muscle by up to 30%.  By elongating your muscles before strenuous exercise you actually may be increasing the risk of injury. Instead of stretching before a workout, get your blood flowing through your muscles with some low impact cardio for 5 to 10 minutes.  Stretching after a workout is great and still proves to be beneficial.

Grab Bag Antioxidant Superstars:


Here’s some really good news…. huge group (93,600 women… nurses, actually) followed for a long-term study (18 years)… showed that consuming blueberries or strawberries 3 or more times a week reduced risk of heart attacks by 32%. That’s THIRTY TWO PER CENT, just by poppin’ berries in your pie hole at least 3 times a week.

The science behind the news lies in the FLAVANOIDS in the berries… in particular the anthocyanins so plentiful in purple, blue and red foods.


Other good choices include blackberries, cherries, black currants, grapes, red wine, eggplant, plums and raspberries.

Oh, by the way… go organic, OK? If fresh is prohibitive, Costco sells bags of organic frozen blueberries… and frozen is just as good… sometimes better… than fresh.

Grab Bag Brain Game:

Auditory and visual skills come in to play as you are asked to match an animal’s sound with its picture:


Grab Bag Funny Stuff:

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Tuesday Blog Review:

Last week apparently everyone was a little frightened to find out how many small, black olives it takes to yield 1 tablespoon of olive oil… it’s FORTY… as in 40… as in 4-0. Now you know. 

Tuesday Help Tip:

I know you are all thinking some great idea will magically pop into your heads sometime in November and you will put together a fabulous greeting card for the upcoming holidays . Yeah… just like there really IS a Santa Claus…

So why not just go online and do it NOW. Choose a beautiful card, specify all the type, font, envelopes, return address, etc. right from home, and they’ll be shipped right to your door.

As for those who cry environmental foul on greeting cards, I say it is one of the last methods of tangible connections we get in an ever-increasing virtual world. Pay your bills online, but don’t stop connecting with your fellow man 🙂 And for some of you who haven’t been sending cards… what’s your excuse now??

You can even choose Digital Photo cards where you just upload your picture and they print it right on the card. Perhaps choose the theme of your card now, and get the family picture shot with the coordinating colors at Thanksgiving! So smart. Then you can check THAT off your list.

Here’s a great place to start, with literally HUNDREDS of beautiful cards:

Click on the image…


Tuesday Health Tip Grab Bag:

Tip #1) OK… this will be the first of MANY cosmetic products I will be sharing. I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time really delving into cosmetic ingredients, and their pros and cons, so you don’t have to.

Bottom line: If I can find a product I am happy with, that contains healthier or even less controversial ingredients than the one I was using before, I’m switching.

Why go to this trouble? I guess it’s an environmental variable I prefer to have working in my favor. I am unwilling to roll the dice that chemicals I am exposing myself to from the DAILY USE of cosmetic and skin care products might be harming my system. So, little by little, I am reading, testing and switching. Here’s the first:

I’m a fan of pencil eyeliner.. gotta be dark and full of whatever color I want, and MUST be soft and easily “smudgeable”. I used to use Estee Lauder’s Automatic Eye Pencil Duo, which rates a not-that-bad score of 3 on Cosmetics Database. (I didn’t find it listed among the Lauder products there, so I entered the ingredients myself to get a report.)

But, since it is around and in my eyes, I wanted better. Found it. This little beauty is rated a hard-to-beat 0 on Cosmetics Database –  Honeybee Gardens JobaColors Eyeliner.

I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks, and it’s great.  It is very soft and, like most soft pencils, may “move” on you unless you do this ….

Apply a base of neutral, powder or eye shadow on the lid, then use the pencil to make a thin line right at/in the lash line, then use a fine brush to go over the line with more powder or eye shadow to smudge and blend. (This is the way I reinforce or alter the color of a brown, black or navy pencil… just use the same or different colors of shadow over the pencil.) Look at that… You look mahvelous… and healthy. 

Tip #2) As I mentioned last week, the benefits of antioxidants are cropping up from head to toe. Skin, eyes, brain, heart, immune system – all will benefit from more of these “rust-fighters” in our diet. Here are Dr. Andrew Weil’s fav’s, along with the what and why:

“Here are my top choices with proven health benefits: green vegetables such as SPINACH, COLLARDS, KALE and BROCCOLI contain lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoid antioxidants that can protect aging eyes from developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

Cruciferous vegetables such as CABBAGE, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CAULIFLOWER, KALE and TURNIPS contain antioxidants and other phytonutrients that reduce cancer risk.

SWEET POTATOES, CARROTS, MANGOS, APRICOTS and other yellow or orange fruits and vegetables are rich in beta carotene, an antioxidant that boosts the immune system.

TOMATOES, WATERMELON, PAPAYA, and PINK GRAPEFRUIT are among the red pigmented fruits and vegetables that contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant helps fight heart disease and some types of cancer, particularly prostate cancer.

The blue color in BLUEBERRIES, PURPLE GRAPES, RED CABBAGE, BEETS, and PLUMS comes from anthocyanins, phytochemicals that protect against carcinogens and may help prevent heart disease.

And don’t forget about GREEN and WHITE TEA, DARK CHOCOLATE and RED WINE, all very high in antioxidant activity.”

Tuesday Trivia:

Sometimes answers in life are hidden in plain site. October 21st was a landmark day for a number of events. Three of them are hidden right here in this paragraph. Hover here for awhile and they just may make themselves apparent. You will need to respond with exact wording in your answer to be correct.

Tuesday Fun Stuff:

Caution… click on this ONLY if you’re ready to really laugh… turn your sound up..

“A Guy Witnesses an Accident”

Tuesday Thought:

Tip-of-the-hat to Deanna S., who sent this to me a few moons ago… It’s called “Lost Generation”, but I prefer “Reversal of Fortune”:






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